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SuperSync will even allow you to sync libraries cross-platform. SuperSync does have lots of options, and you'll need to spend some time in the app to understand how to tap its full potential.

But once you do, you'll be impressed with how much you can accomplish. SuperSync gives you all the features and capabilities you need to seamlessly and effortlessy manage your iTunes libraries, regardless of how many you have or how large they are. The problem was figuring out an innovative way to help users browse through their expansive music libraries.

The white, Deiter Rams-designed device looks remarkably similar to the iPod, especially with its scrolling wheel and cigarette-pack-size form factor. When Schiller showed the Apple team the design, the reaction was unanimous. A team of Fast Company reporters spent months interviewing more than 50 former Apple execs and insiders, many of whom had never spoken publicly about their work.

Read the part 3 of the oral history here , which covers the creation of the iPod. An extended version of this oral history is available from Byliner. Here again, the most popular choice is VLC , but Firecore's Infuse is the better experience, especially if you pay for the premium version. Books Apple's Books app is reasonably good and has the convenience of an integrated store. But it only supports books in iBooks or EPUB format, so is of little use if you'd like to transfer your Kindle library to your iPad for instance.

iPod & iTunes VISUAL Quick Tips

Or read comic books in. For Kindle books. There are of course many others, let us know if we've missed your favourite!

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But it may choke on larger PDFs, and simply isn't enough for more professional use. It isn't cheap, but is a well made and well supported tool. Of course, there's also Adobe's Acrobat Reader Free , but frankly we don't like the way that they use this 'free' app to push other paid apps and subscriptions to their services. You can read documents without an account, but you'll need an account to edit. Note that Apple's iWork suite Pages, Numbers and Keynote is Microsoft friendly: you can open a Word document in Pages for instance, although it will get converted to the Pages format.

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Multi-purpose file managers Apple's philosophy with iOS is clear: ideally, small dedicated apps take care of a single type of content, and the user doesn't even need to know about files and folders. Furthermore, each app only has access to its own files - no central file system is exposed, no system wide file browser is possible.

We made Fileapp Free shortly after the App Store was introduced. Readdle's Documents Free is a popular option, frankly the best but sadly a bit more cumbersome to use for local file sharing: all files transferred with iTunes or iMazing go to a folder labelled iTunes Files, which adds extra steps needlessly.

Another early file manager app which evolved well is GoodReader. It isn't free, but is a solid app with a unique interface, especially on iPad.