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Reconditioning a timeworn technological item takes 8 hours, after which the item no longer has a chance of glitching when used by the technomancer and can be recharged normally by the technomancer but no one else. Keeping the item working requires 1 hour of maintenance each day this can overlap with the time needed to prepare spells , or the item reverts to a normal piece of timeworn technology and must be reconditioned again.

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At 4th level and every 3 levels thereafter, a technomancer can keep an additional item in good working order, without increasing his daily maintenance time. A technomancer adds his class level to Craft , Disable Device , Knowledge engineering , and Linguistics checks regarding technology. At 2nd level, a technomancer selects one of the following spells: antitech field , destroy robot , detect radiation , discharge , greater discharge , greater remove radioactivity , infuse robot , irradiate , magic circle against technology , memory of function , rebuke technology , recharge , remove radioactivity , protection from technology , or technomancy.

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The spell chosen must be of a spell level he would otherwise be able to cast. If he prepares spells, he can prepare this spell one additional time in excess of the normal maximum number of spells he can prepare. If he casts spells spontaneously, he adds the spell to his spells known, and can cast this spell once per day without using a daily spell slot.

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At 5th level, he picks another spell from the list above, and at 8th level, he picks a 3rd spell from the list above. Each spell level expended in this way grants the device 1 charge. He can use this ability to power timeworn technology. At 3rd level, a technomancer can study a robot , technological object, or technological trap within 30 feet as a move action and attempt a Knowledge engineering check to identify it.

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This bonus lasts a number of rounds equal to his Intelligence modifier minimum 1. If he studies a new subject, he loses his bonus against the previous subject. At 4th level, a technomancer can dismantle existing technological items and construct new ones from the parts, though such creations are prone to malfunctioning.

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He trades in each item for an amount of crafting potential based on a fraction of its crafting cost not price , as described below. He can use this potential and his technological crafting feats to make a new item.

In the process of cannibalizing the old items, the new items are destroyed and any excess gold value is lost. The item he creates is considered timeworn technology, even if new items were broken down to build it. Recycle technology cannot be used to build constructs , cybertech , pharmaceuticals , or technology that uses nanites. At 5th level, a technomancer can issue a command to a robot within 30 feet as a standard action once per day.

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The command must be in a language the robot can understand. We found two little campers hiding who helped us and it looked like limping Otis would never catch up to us while we went for the boat but it turned out to be a full moon and Otis was inspired and started running and was mauling C.

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We almost had the boat ready to go but I found out that Karen had stolen my rope so we wouldn't leave her behind so we had to wait. I was the lifeguard Kevin with a chainsaw so I took Otis on and chased him away once but he came back and knocked me across the dock and all of us fell into the boat and took we took off screaming and took a wrong fork in the river and went over Grizzly Falls which sadly killed half of us but being a strong swimmer I was able to survive.

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